Illinois schools are implementing a number of changes to ensure all students are prepared to succeed in college and career.

Effingham Unit 40 has a committee comprised of teachers grades K-12 devoted to learning about the new learning standards; analyzing the differences from the old standards to the new; collaborating with one another to ease the transition for teachers, students, and parents; and assuring alignment to the new standards in preparation for the new PARCC assessments scheduled to begin in 2014-15. It is anticipated that the newly finalized Next Generation Science Standards and the Physical Development and Health Goals will become part of this transition process as well. As part of the transition to the new standards, Illinois is adjusting the ISAT cut scores for the March 2013 test as well. Several items impacted include:

1.  New Learning Standards:  Illinois replaced the old 1997 Illinois English Language Arts and Mathematics Learning Standards with the New Illinois Learning Standards (ILS) for English Language Arts and Mathematics. In addition Illinois adopted new Science benchmarks and to be implemented 2016-17, and Illinois is implementing new Physical Development and Health goals. It is anticipated that revisions will occur in other content areas as well, such as Social Sciences and Fine Arts. Read an informational letter sent to Unit 40 parents (December 2011).

      * ISBE Illinois Learning Standards (ILS) Fact Sheet
      * ISBE Illinois Schools Implement New English Language Arts (ELA) Learning Standards Fact Sheet
      * ISBE Illinois Schools Implement New Math Learning Standards Fact Sheet

2.  New Assessments:  Illinois will administer a new assessment called PARCC during this school year 2014-2015. Transitioning from the old assessments (ISAT and PSAE) to the new PARCC assessments, Illinois raised the minimum score students must earn on the ISAT in order to receive a "meets" or "exceeds" designation. Student scores from the March 2013 ISAT will be impacted. The PSAE scores were not impacted. Read a letter from Regional Superintendent Julie Wollerman regarding the new cut scores (January 2013). The new PARCC assessment is aligned to the new standards and will be administered at minimum two times per year in grades 3-11. Read a letter from Chris Koch, Illinois State Superintendent of Education, regarding the PARCC Field Test Spring 2014.

      * ISBE PARCC Assessments Fact Sheet
      * ISBE High School Transition to PARCC Fact Sheet
      * Letter from Dr. Chris Koch Illinois State Superintendent of Education

      * Parents' Guide to New Assessment in Illinois
      * ISBE Raised ISAT Cut Scores Fact Sheet and FAQ
      * PARCC Field Test Spring 2014 ISBE Fact Sheet

3.  New Information for Evaluating Processes: Illinois Districts and Schools are required to use relevant information for evaluating educational processes for effectiveness, such as curricular programs, professional development activities, school entities, personnel, and individual student needs.

      * ISBE New Report Card FAQ

      * ISBE Student Growth FAQ

Overview of the English Language Arts StandardsFull PDF of the English Language Arts Standards

Overview of the Mathematics StandardsFull PDF of the Mathematics Standards

Overview of the Science Standards: Link to the Science Standards

Physical Development and Health Standards

Our existing standards alignment documents, K-8 Academic Standards and 9-12 Curriculum Guides, are currently under construction. These documents will dramatically change over the next several years as we transition to the new standards and the new assessments scheduled to begin in 2014-15.

Unit #40 Academic Standards K-8 

High School Curriculum Guides 9-12

Unit #40 Technology Standards & Benchmarks  
ISBE Learning Standards from 1997