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If for some reason you need to send an attached file to a member of our staff you first need to contact them via the "mail" link next to their name on this page.  You can explain to them in the message that you want to send them an attachment.  At that point they can respond to you via a regular e-mail client which will give you access to their e-mail address so you can send the attachment.   Thanks.

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Name Email PositionBuilding Phone & Extension
Jordan Adams  emailSend email to Jordan Adams   Library ClerkEffingham Junior High 540-1300  x2143 
Lee Althoff  emailSend email to Lee Althoff   Cross CategoricalEffingham Junior High 540-1300  x2229 
Denise Anderson  emailSend email to Denise Anderson   Cafeteria DirectorBoard Office 540-1500  x1527 
Kelly Anderson  emailSend email to Kelly Anderson   4th GradeCentral Grade School 540-1400  x3223 
Melissa Armstrong  emailSend email to Melissa Armstrong   ParaprofessionalCentral Grade School 540-1400   
Diane Arnold  emailSend email to Diane Arnold   ParaprofessionalCentral Grade School 540-1400   
Norene Ault  emailSend email to Norene Ault   ScienceEffingham High School 540-1100  x1195 
Kelsey Baker  emailSend email to Kelsey Baker   Cross CategoricalEffingham Junior High 540-1300  x2241 
Linda Baker  emailSend email to Linda Baker   SecretaryEffingham Junior High 540-1300  x2103 
Shelly Baker  emailSend email to Shelly Baker   EnglishEffingham Junior High 540-1300  x2238 

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