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Name Email PositionBuilding Phone & Extension
Jordan Adams  emailSend email to Jordan Adams   Library ClerkEffingham Junior High 540-1300  x2143 
Linda Allmon  emailSend email to Linda Allmon   PaymasterBoard Office 540-1500  x1506 
Lee Althoff  emailSend email to Lee Althoff   Cross CategoricalEffingham Junior High 540-1300  x2229 
Shanna Ambuehl  emailSend email to Shanna Ambuehl   Cross CategoricalEffingham High School 540-1100  x1203 
Denise Anderson  emailSend email to Denise Anderson   Cafeteria DirectorBoard Office 540-1500  x1527 
Kelly Anderson  emailSend email to Kelly Anderson   4th GradeCentral Grade School 540-1400  x3223 
Melissa Armstrong  emailSend email to Melissa Armstrong   ParaprofessionalCentral Grade School 540-1400   
Diane Arnold  emailSend email to Diane Arnold   ParaprofessionalCentral Grade School 540-1400   
Norene Ault  emailSend email to Norene Ault   ScienceEffingham High School 540-1100  x1195 
Kelsey Baker  emailSend email to Kelsey Baker   Cross CategoricalEffingham Junior High 540-1300  x2241 

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