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You are always welcome at the school; however, VISITORS TO SCHOOL ARE REQUIRED BY STATE LAW TO REPORT TO THE OFFICE whenever they enter a school building. Please make sure you stop at the office to sign in and sign out when entering and leaving the building and wear a badge for the safety of the students. Thank you!

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February 2015


for Preschool & Future Kindergarten Children

Unit #40 Preschool/Kindergarten Screenings will be held March 23, 24, 25, and 26, 8:00am to Noon and 3:00 to 6:00pm.  Screenings will be held at Cornerstone Christian Church on South Banker Street in Effingham.  To schedule an appointment, parents can call Sharon Chesnut at Central School540-1400.

Preschool/kindergarten screenings are highly recommended for all Unit 40 children who are eligible to attend preschool or kindergarten in Fall 2014.  However, screening does not guarantee Early Childhood Special Education placement.

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Mother's Day Program

The students at the Early Learning Center presented a Mother's Day program entitled "Symbols of Freedom".

Mothers 1 (1)

Mothers 2 (1) 

Mothers 3 (1) 

Mothers 4 (1) 

Mothers 5 (1) 

Mothers 6 (1) 

Mothers 7 (1) 

Mothers, grandmothers, aunts and special guests were honored at the Early Learning Center's annual Mother's Day program.  The students sang songs, played instruments, enjoyed refreshments and toured their child's classroom.

Happy Mother's Day! from everyone at the Early Learning Center.

Field Trip to Ballard Nature Center

The boys and girls at the Early Learning Center enjoyed a day at Ballard Nature Center.  They participated in many learning activiites.  Inside the center the students made a Circle of Earth braclet and explored the Nature Center acticities.  Outside the boys and girls attend activities that taught them about birds, bees, worms, ladybugs, frogs, animals sounds and the importance of not littering.  They also took a walk in the woods and around the wetlands looking for wildlife.

Nature walk around the pond and through the wetlands.

Ballards 1 

The different sounds of communication of birds.

Ballards 2 

Ballards 3 

Ballards 4 

All about worms.

Ballards 5 

Ballards 6 

All those spots!

Ballards 7 

Ballards 8 

Ballards 9 

We learned about frogs.

Ballards 10 

Ballards 11 

Recycle, Recycle!

Ballards 12 

Ballards 13

Sounds of Animals!

Ballards 15 

Ballards 16 

Ballards 14 

The students exploring and enjoying the hands on activites at the Ballard Nature Center.

Ballards 17 

Ballards 18 

Ballards 19 

The Circle of Earth Bracelet

Ballards 20 

Ballards 21 


Ballards 22 

Ballards 23 

Ballards 24 


April High Five Reward Party of 'Spring into Fun'!

The students at the Early Learning Center with 'High Five Behavior' the month of April were rewarded with 'Spring into Fun' games.  The boys and girls enjoyed listening to a story about the Stages of a Butterfly.

April 1

Great listening! 

April 2 

 April 3 

The students had fun during the Glow Dance....they have some great dance moves!

April 4 

April 5 

The boys and girls had fun playing outisde on the playground.

April 6 

 April 7

April 8 

The students played 'Caterpillar, Caterpillar Butterfly'.  These caterpillar and butterflies were fast!

April 9 

April 10 

The boys and girls enjoyed a snack while viewing a DVD about butterflies.

April 11 

Keep up the great 'High Five' Behavior ELC! 


Up, Up and Away in PE

The boys and girls at the Early Learning Center are learning to listen, follow directions and work together to play the parachute.

PE 9 

PE 10 

PE 11 

PE 12 

Butterfly Release

All of the classes at the Early Learning Center received Painted Lady larvae.  the boys and girls watched the caterpillars enter the pupal stage, becoming iridescent chrysalids.

Butterfly 1 (1) 

They were carefully placed in the butterfly habitat.  Everyone looked forward to releasing the butterflies!

Butterfly 2 (1) 

Butterfly 3 (1) 

Butterfly 4 

The butterflies were released into nature.

Butterfly 5 

Butterfly 6 

The boys and girls were very observant.

Butterfly 7 (1) 

Butterfly 8 

Butterfly 9 


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