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You are always welcome at the school; however, VISITORS TO SCHOOL ARE REQUIRED BY STATE LAW TO REPORT TO THE OFFICE whenever they enter a school building. Please make sure you stop at the office to sign in and sign out when entering and leaving the building and wear a badge for the safety of the students. Thank you!

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Mother's Day Program

The students at the Early Learning Center presented a Mother's Day Program entitle "They Come to America!

Mom 1 

Mom 2 (1) 

Mom 3 (1) 

Mom 4 (1) 

Mom 5 (1) 

Mom 6 (1) 

Mom 7 (1) 

Mom 8 (1) 

Mom 9 (1) 

Mom 10 (1) 

Mom 11 (1) 

Mom 12 (1) 

Mom 13 (1) 

Mom 14 

Mom 15 

Mom 16 


ELC Field Trip

Everyone at the Early Learning Center took an all day field trip to Ballarads Nature Center.  The students and staff explored and learned alot about nature from all the fantasic staff.

Ballards 1 (1) 

We learned about animals that hatch from eggs.

Ballards 2 (1) 

Ballards 3 (1) 

Everyone learned about frogs.

Ballards 4 (1) 

We went on a nature walk.

Ballards 5 (1) 

Ballards 6 (1) 

The boys and girls explored the activites inside the center.

Ballards 7 (1) 

We had alot of fun learning.

Ballards 8 (1) 

Ballards 9 (1) 

The students learned the importance of our planet Earth.

Ballards 10 (1) 

Ballards 11 (1) 

We listened to the various calls animals make to speak to each other.

Ballards 12 (1) 

Ballards 13 (1) 

The boys and girls learned that pollination is the process by which pollen is transferred to plants.

Ballards 14 (1) 

Ballards 15 (1) 

Everyone learned what animals they would find living around the wetlands.

Ballards 16 (1) 

Ballards 17 (1) 

The students learned the life cycle of a worm.

Ballards 18 (1) 

We touched real worms.

Ballards 19 (1) 

We had a great day of leaning and having fun with our friends! 

The March "High Five" Reward Party

The boys and girls at the Early Learning Center with "High Five Behavior" were rewarded with a party full of fun!  The students were treated with ice cream from Culver's, saw a juggling show, a presentation on bees and a craft.

March 1 (2) 

March 2 

March 3 

March 4 

March 5 

March 6

March 7 

March 8 

Keep up the "High Five Behavior" ELC! 

Spring Fun!

Get Ready, Get Set, Spring is here at ELC!

Spring 1 (1) 

 Spring 2 (1)

Spring 3 (1)

Spring 4 (1) 

Happy Spring! 

ELC Celebrated Dr. Seuss!

The students at the Early Learning Center celebrated Dr. Seuss with a number of reading and writing activities.

 Seuss 1

Seuss 2 

Seuss 3

Seuss 4 

Seuss 5 (1)

Seuss 6 

Seuss 7 

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! 

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