About ELC

At ELC, it is our pleasure to work with “little people” every day!  We have 9 classrooms of kindergarten students, and the average class size is 18-20 students.  We also have 2 classroom of 8 preschool and kindergarten-age students with specialized needs.

ELC Curriculum

ELC’s Kindergarten curriculum is a blend of academics and developmentally appropriate activities designed to nurture the “whole child.”  ELC is “open” in a couple of different ways.  The building itself is open in that each room connects to another classroom, allowing team-teaching activities and a “be kind to your neighbor” attitude in the students.  It is also open educationally speaking.  Teachers share their ideas, and various teaching styles are implemented in an attempt to capture different learning styles of all students.  The different channels utilized by students are the following:

  • Visual (smart boards, computers, quality literature)
  • Auditory (literature, books on tape, daily music in classroom, music class 3 times per week)
  • Kinesthetic (music & movement activities, P.E. twice a week, daily calendar, daily hands-on approach to learning)
  • Tactile (free choice centers, secure sensory filled environment, leveled learning, daily fine motor activities)

ELC Goals

As noted in our mission statement, the goal of our teachers and staff is to promote an enlightening first school experience for each child.  We also strive to provide a safe, nurturing environment that will help students develop a positive self image.  ELC holds to a strong belief that the educational success of all students lies in both the school and the home-school connection.  Therefore, ELC greatly welcomes and encourages parental involvement!

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Contact Information

3224 S. Banker
Effingham, IL 62401

PH: 217/540-1460
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