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710 Indiana Street
Edgewood, IL 62426

PH: 618-238-4221
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Welcome to Edgewood Grade School

Edgewood Grade School offers the "small school experience" while still being  a part of the larger Effingham School District. Edgewood is a Kindergarten through 4th grade building, offering one class per grade level. Our mission is to provide ALL students with the best opportunity to learn in a safe and nuturing environment.  We have a GREAT staff that is committed to that mission and eager to work with your child/children.

Visitors are Welcome!

You are always welcome at the school; however, VISITORS TO SCHOOL ARE REQUIRED BY STATE LAW TO REPORT TO THE OFFICE whenever they enter a school building. Please make sure you stop at the office to sign in and sign out when entering and leaving the building and wear a badge for the safety of the students. Thank you!

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Leaving Our Legacy
Students leave an imprint at Edgewood School

Every student at Edgewood Grade School left an imprint in the gym in the creation of a colorful spring wall mural.  Art teacher, Mrs. Karen Littleford, assisted the students in creating the beauty of spring while saying goodbye to the beloved school.  In the school's lifetime, it has housed all grade levels PreK - 12.  Many memories have been made in the school over the years.  As we close the school year, we are saddened to close the school doors; however, we are excited for the new memories to come!





Beautiful Changes
Studying Butterflies

The first and second grade studied the life cycle of the butterfly. They watched the metamorphisis from the caterpillar stage to releasing the butterflies into nature. They kept a journal of each stage and really enjoyed learning about Butterflies.

photo 1

photo 3


Super Scientists!
4th Grade Science Fair Tradition
Fourth Graders quickly dart from classroom to gym, adding the last minute touches to their displays.  Children in other grades peek in anxiously, anticipating their turn.  Crystals are forming, planes are soaring, and the Edgewood Science Fair is beginning.  This year is different though. It is the last one this School will have.  We sure went out in style!  The students had very imaginative projects including floating Ping-Pong balls, suckers and the sense of smell the speed of a dog running for a treat and water distortion.  We also now know which kind of shoes will help a 10 year old boy run faster.   We began working with the scientific process back in January, and the Fair is the culmination of many classroom projects.  Children are curious by nature.  What better way to encourage that curiosity than leading them in activities that will help them answer some of their questions?  The students have an opportunity to design and redesign experiments that go along with the units we are studying.  They work together in groups, partners and finally alone. By the time they choose a project to work on at home, they are experienced scientists. Participating in the Science Fair has been a highlight for fourth graders at Mason and Edgewood since Mrs. Sherrick started the tradition twenty-six years ago.  When Mrs. Anderson took her place, she wanted to continue this tradition.  She hopes that in her next classroom she can keep motivating students to embrace science, and maybe even have a fair with more projects in the future.




Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars - several events are scheduled at Edgewood Grade School in May.

May 2 - Buddy Breakfast 7:30 AM - 8:15 AM, Book Fair 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
May 10 - Edgewood Celebration Open House 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
May 13 - Family Night

We hope you will join us! 

"Hoppy" Spring Break!

Edgewood Grade School is "egg-cited" about the upcoming spring break!  The kindergarten students made a magic egg that turned into a bunny with big ears when opened up. Many spring happenings are "poppin'" up in the halls of Edgewood. The study of seeds to pond life will be some of the activities going on during the rest of April and May!  Pictured are 2nd and Kindergarten students displaying their holiday crafts.

2nd Easter


K Easter



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