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Investigation & Experimental Processes

Mrs. James

Mrs. James (1)

Mrs. James (2)

The 6th and 7th grade science classes of Mrs. James have all been studying investigation & experimental processes. The students have been conducting a variety of different experiments and activities to help them build their science knowledge and skills.

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Mrs. McClellan's Students


McClellan 1 (1)

McClellan 2

McClellan 3

Mrs. McClellan's 6th grade reading classes made visual interpretations of the plot line to showcase the story "Older Run" by Gary Paulsen.

Working Hard in Mrs. Brummer's Math Class


Brummer 1

Brummer 2

Brummer 5

8th Grade Density Lab

Mrs. Robison

Mrs. Robison (1)

Mrs. Robison (2)


Students were first introduced to the topic of density and then presented with a problem...How could they use available lab equipment (balance, rulers, and graduated cylinder) to determine the density of an object? Students designed their own procedures for the lab and then used the available lab equipment to accurately measure and calculate the density of a rock, a block, and tap water. Using their density calculations, students predicted how their block would behave (float or sink) when placed in a beaker of water. They then tested their predictions by placing the blocks into water.


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