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Welcome Home!

Coach Kyal

Students of EJHS came together to show support for the homecoming of Coach Kyal. Welcome back! We can't wait to see your positive attitude and smiling face walking our halls again soon!

Water-Powered Cranes

Mrs. Repking's Class

Showing off their water-powered cranes are D. Ritz, N. Lohman, K. Pemberton, and L. Brown from Mrs. Repking's class. Students from Mrs. Repking's class formed groups to create canes powered by opposing water pressures. One syringe of water would raise and lower the crane arm while the other syringe moved the crane arm from side to side. Ritz and Lohman created a claw for grabbing items while Pemberton and Brown used duct tape. Hats off to these boys for their ingenuity and Mrs. Repking for coming up with such cool hands-on projects!


And the rewards keep coming!

Bingo 1

Bingo 2

Bingo 3

Finishing up the day of festivities, select EJHS students also got to have a little fun with games of Bingo!

Limo Lunch

limo lunch 1

limo lunch 2

limo lunch 3

As one of the rewards for selling cookie dough and popcorn, students of EJHS were taken out to lunch in a limo. A big thanks goes out to Fujiyama for being so accomodating for our students!

Fundraising Rewards

Roberts 1

Roberts 2

Roberts 3

Roberts 4

Myers 1

Myers 2

Myers 3

To help motivate students to sell cookie dough and popcorn, Mr. Roberts and Mr. Myers graciously volunteered to enter themselves into the list of prizes. If a student sold 20 or more items, they were able to dump a bucket of cold water on Mr. Roberts or Mr. Myers. Let's just say that there were a lot of students who sold over 20 items. Thank you Mr. Roberts and Mr. Myers for inspring our students to raise money for our school!


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