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Design Projects


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The 7th graders in Ms. Funneman's and Mrs. James' classes have been working on engineering & design projects for the last 2 weeks. Each group was assigned a different engineering problem to design a solution for. Projects varied from CD cars to Solar Ovens!

Scholastic Awards

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Twin Day


To help celebrate the end of the year, EJHS has chosen to participate in fun dress-up days on the last three Fridays of the year. The first Friday of dress-up days was twin day! Mrs. Leach and Mrs. Bohnhoff were a few of the teachers that decided to participate! Can you tell which is which???

Jackie Robinson Celebration

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On April 15th, Mrs. L. Pals language arts classes celebrated Jackie Robinson. To start, the students had to do research. Who is this guy and why is he so important? After research, the groups presented a power point to the class. One presentation led to the next so the students were all learning something new. After the presentations, they were asked questions, and those questions/answers turned into artistic posters full of information on Jackie Robinson. Other classes were able to vote on their favorite posters.

Down with Discrimination


Mrs. L. Pals' seventh graders have read The Cay and Watson's Go to Birmingham together in class, and have just finished reading "The Noble Experiment" about Jackie Robinson. All of these stories have covered topics about racism, segregation, and the Civil Rights. From these stories, they have had some great discussions. The students just finished making Anti-Discrimination posters. Although there were several fantastic posters with an awesome message, students voted and chose two to be the winners. The winners were A. McDermith-Herron and G. Sandoval. If you happen to visit the school soon, come check out the posters in the hallway!

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