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Down with Discrimination


Mrs. L. Pals' seventh graders have read The Cay and Watson's Go to Birmingham together in class, and have just finished reading "The Noble Experiment" about Jackie Robinson. All of these stories have covered topics about racism, segregation, and the Civil Rights. From these stories, they have had some great discussions. The students just finished making Anti-Discrimination posters. Although there were several fantastic posters with an awesome message, students voted and chose two to be the winners. The winners were A. McDermith-Herron and G. Sandoval. If you happen to visit the school soon, come check out the posters in the hallway!
Raffle Winners

d. burton

j. mcmillan

D. Burton and J. McMillan were the winners of the raffle held during the Book Fair this past week.

Special Olympics Winner!

special olympics

M. Williamson, 8th grader at EJHS, competed in the Area 9 Special Olympic games in Charleston, IL on Friday April 22nd, 2016. Williamson earned a gold metal in the 200m run and silver in the softball throw. She will be heading to the state competition in June. Congratulations!

Earth Day Lessons

air filters

STEM challenge: Ms. Funneman's students designed their own air filters to test for air pollution at EJHS. The students used paper plates, foil, plastic wrap, wax paper, double sided tape, coffee filters, and petroleum jelly. The filters were hung outside on the fence of the playground and students made their own observations after 3 days of testing.


Review Game: Ms. Funneman's class took advantages of a beautiful day to review their knowledge of the human impact on the environment. The students participated in a relay race where each team had to answer difficult questions about the environment.


Water pollution lab: The students of Ms. Funneman's science classes learned about water pollution by cleaning up oils spills using motor oil, water, detergent, cotton balls, Q-tips, and eye-droppers. These simulations were modeled off of oil spills that occur in our oceans and pollution from boats in Lake Sara.

Making Waves in the 6th Grade!


waves (1)

waves (2)

The 6th graders in Mrs. James' classes are currently learning about different types of waves and their characteristics. They have been completing multiple types of investigations!


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