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How to Love Your Dog (Daddy I Want  an Elephant)
Bicycle Safety and Rules (Three Little Bikers)
Frogs and Toads  (The Surprise)
Life Cycles (Ducks) 
How We Hear Sound (Seeing) 
How the Body Works (Seeing) 
Food Web (Two Mice) 
The Food Chain (Snakes) 
Warm and Cold Blooded Animals Match (Snakes) 
How do Mother Animals Find Their Young? (Moonbear’s Pet) 
The Bat Zone (Play Ball!) 
How Glass Is Made (Bruno the Baker)  
The Water Cycle (The Rooster… Uncle’s Wedding) 
Our Solar System (Man on the Moon) 
Pioneer Life 1 (Going to Town)
Pioneer Life 2 (Going to Town)
Floating and Sinking (Riding the Ferry Boat) 
The Statue of Liberty Timeline (Riding the Ferry Boat) 
Marine Biology: The Living Oceans (Down in the Sea: The Jellyfish)
Adding Heat to Ice (The Puddle Pail) 

Pollution (City Green)