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Regarding Effingham Unit #40 Use of Revenue Generated by Effingham County Sales Tax

It is the goal and intent of Effingham Unit #40 School District to utilize the revenue generated by the Effingham County Sales Tax to improve buildings within our school district while minimizing the cost to property owners.  The school district has the following planned uses for the tax revenue:

  1. Pay existing building bonds and interest that are currently being levied against property tax payers until they are paid in full (2019);
  2. Continue to repair and renovate existing school facilities as needs arise;
  3. Once existing bonds and the interest accrued are paid in full, the district will then utilize this revenue stream to meet the long-term needs of the district, which is to efficiently utilize three buildings to house Unit #40 students;
  4. These funds will be used in accordance with parameters set forth and as authorized by statue.

Our Story

Welcome to Effingham Unit #40.  We are excited to share the story of our students' journey towards academic excellence.  Every day, a team of dedicated teachers, administrators and support staff collaborate with one another in an effort to prepare our students for the global stage.  

Feature Stories

The world is quickly moving to the age of automation and robotics.  Check out how the story that WEIU produced on EJHS teacher Mrs. Young and other members of the Science Department are working together to prepare our students for the future. 


EHS is opening a new cafe that is run and operated by the students. Listen to a behind the scenes interviews of some of the people who have been working together to help bring this concept to life. 

Listen to students from the Multimedia program at Effingham High School discuss how they are building prototypes to complete the 5 Chair Design thinking lesson created by Stanford University's DSchool.  

Check out more episodes of U40TV.

District Dashboard

For your convenience, we put together a District Dashboard that provides our stakeholders with the ability to view how the district uses its resources to ensure student growth is occuring.  [This site is best viewed in Chrome.]

The dashboard provides users with a unique view of how the district's learning environment and financial resources are used to ensure student success. 

Additional information, including the school report card, is available on the district's academic performance page.

In closing, we want to thank the community for its ongoing support and providing us with the ability to create an environment "where the search for excellence" occurs in classrooms across the district on a daily basis. 


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District Calendar

February 18
President's Day Holiday - No School
President's Day Holiday - No School
Feb 18
District Calendar
February 20
Special Board of Education Meeting
5:30 PM
2803 S. Banker St., Effingham
Special Board of Education Meeting
Feb 20
5:30 PM to 6:30 PM
2803 S. Banker St., Effingham
District Calendar
February 25
Board of Education Meeting
6:00 PM
2803 S. Banker St., Effingham
Board of Education Meeting
Feb 25
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
2803 S. Banker St., Effingham
District Calendar
March 1
1/2 Day of School - School Improvement Day - No Lunch Served
7:30 AM
1/2 Day of School - School Improvement Day - No Lunch Served
Mar 1
7:30 AM to 11:45 AM
District Calendar
March 8
End of 3rd Quarter
End of 3rd Quarter
Mar 8
District Calendar

Click #Unit 40 Calendar to access a complete listing of all events happening in the district. 

Phone Numbers

  • Board:  217.540.1500
  • High School: 217.540.1100
  • Junior High:  217.540.1300
  • Central:  217.540.1400
  • South:  217.540.1530
  • ELC:  217.540.1460

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