Performance Evaluation Plan

The Effingham Community Unit School District 40 Performance Evaluation Plan was developed through the cooperative efforts of the Teachers, Administrators, and the Board of Education. The Performance Evaluation Plan is comprised of two major components: Professional Practice and Student Growth. In order to determine a Summative Performance Evaluation Rating, a Summative Professional Practice Rating and a Student Growth Rating must be determined.

A link to the full plan and appendices is here.  Access the Guidance Documents with your Effingham Google Apps for Education account. Click here to download the Student Growth SLO Excel sheet.

Through collaboration, the Evaluation Committee exists to develop a fair and consistent framework for educators and evaluators to improve instruction and growth for all students. Our core values are:

  1. Teachers are professionals and deserve an evaluation system that reflects this.
  2. All students deserve high quality instruction and to grow to their potential.
  3. The framework should be practical for all involved but able to be implemented with fidelity.
  4. Our team will demonstrate mutual respect and support toward one another and will devote additional resources as needed to support the overall mission.
  5. Our team will consider all perspectives through a diverse representation of Unit 40 staff.

The Evaluation Committee will meet once per year to update the assessment inventory and approved Type I/II list as well as to continue to refine the Effingham Community Unit School District 40 Performance Evaluation Plan. Feedback will be considered to continually assess the implementation of the plan, determine any supports needed, and potentially refine key parts of the model to ensure fidelity of implementation.