Evaluations & Quotations

Mentoring Mentoring

Benefits of Mentoring

Several national studies* have supported the value of mentors. Students involved in quality mentoring program, compared with a control group of non-mentored students, are:

  • Likely to have fewer absences from school
  • Have a better attitude towards school
  • Have fewer incident of negative behavior
  • Have less drug and alcohol use
  • Stay in school longer

Mentoring Mentoring

Our own program was evaluated for two years by a professional outside evaluator and provided the following:

Teachers reported:

  • Student's self-confidence: "little to much better" - 83%
  • Student's academic performance: "improved" -50%
  • Student's class participation: "improved" -52%

Parent/guardians reported:

  • Child's self-confidence: "improved" -88%
  • Child's attitude toward school: "better" -73%
  • Relationships with peers: "better" -80%

*Moore, Kristin A, et al., Mentoring: A promising Strategy for Youth Development, 2002. Child Trends, www.childtrends.org

Quotes from our participants

From Unit 40's evaluations

Teacher's comments

  • She used to be truant. Now, however, she rarely misses a day of school.
  • (Student) has gone through a lot emotionally...The fact that he had a male role model really boosted his esteem. He's gotten through his situation much better having a mentor.
  • The mentoring program is great. The kids always return happy and ready to finish the day.

Parents' comments

  • Great program - please keep it up.
  • I think the program is a great thing and it has helped both of my kids more than I can say.
  • This has had a great affect on my son! This is absolutely a terrific thing to have in our school systems. With all the bad things in the community---this is excellent. Thank you very much. This program has probably kept my son from being a juvenile delinquent.
  • My child has had an incredible couple of years, very stressful and lots of changes. Her mentor has been a lot of things to her, among them someone to just answer questions. I am very happy about the program, and hope it grows and helps more and more kids who need a person like a mentor in their life.