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What is the County School Facilities Sales Tax (CSFT)?
How do school districts receive funds through CSFT?
What is taxed and not taxed?  Isn’t this a regressive tax?
What are some examples of how much the CSFT will cost me?
What plan does Unit 40 have for using the money?
What does the ballot wording look like?

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Hello Unit 40 Parents and Guardians,

School registration for the 2024-2025 school year is happening much earlier this year. Instead of registering in July, registration will open April 19, 2024 and close April 30, 2024. Here is what we hope to gain from this change:
• Faster answers to your registration questions while secretaries, principals, and technology staff are still in the buildings
• Quicker access to data which helps departments like Transportation
• Families who travel for the summer can register without vacation interruption
• Also, unique to this year, the new Unit 40 website can go live *after* registration to avoid any technology glitches that can happen with the rollout of a new website
• School fees will not be applied to student accounts until the second week of school

We realize that you won’t have all of your student’s dental and vision exams, physicals and immunizations, etc. completed before registration. You should still register within the April 19-April 30 window. We have included those grade level health schedules below. You can hand deliver or mail your health paperwork to the Board Office at:

         Board of Education, Unit 40 Schools

         2803 South Banker Street

Effingham, IL  62401


Registration information can be found on our website at unit40.org/parents/registration. For questions during the registration process, please email [email protected] or contact your building secretary:


         EHS 217.540.1100           

         EJHS   217.540.1300

         CGS 217.540.1400

         SSS  217.540.1530

         ELC 217.540.1460

         ESP 217.540.1380

Thank you for choosing Effingham Unit 40 Schools as the educational home for your children. Your trust and collaboration help make our school community successful. We look forward to making many improvements each year and with your help, this registration process will improve for everyone.
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FREE Preschool Screenings for children ages 2-5 are available April 9 & 10

Discover how your child is developing in the areas of speech, language, concepts and motor skills. Vision and hearing screenings are also provided free of charge. Please call to make your child's appointment: East Side School 217-540-1380

Upcoming screenings are held at Crossroots Church, 3200 S. Banker St, Effingham on Tuesday April 9th and Wednesday, April 10th.

*If your child is already enrolled in the Unit 40 ECSE Preschool or Kindergarten program, OR the Head Start program, then the students will not need this screening.

**Signed parent/guardian permission is required.


40Forward is executing a three step process comprised of three key pieces: Where we are now - Where we want to go - How do we get there
On Thursday April 18th, 40Forward will recap the school district's financial health and outcomes from the starter scenario exercises. Equipped with this information, Community Engagement Session #3 will seek to answer the question: How do we get there? The more participants we have the more ideas we can share. Your voice matters! If you missed the first two meetings you can catch up here:
April 18 Invite

Employment advertisement for Effingham Unit #40 Schools.
Click the employment icon to search our current job listings. We'd love for you to consider joining the Unit #40 Team.

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