Unit #40 Athletics

A Message from the Superintendent:

Your support and respect for all personnel involved in these events is greatly appreciated. We strive at Unit 40 to be fair, equitable and supportive of students, school officials and spectators. With your added support in our desires to create a climate that is welcoming and safe, success is already attained long before the start of each contest.

Thank you so much for your continued support of our athletes, coaches, and administrators as WE together are shaping the future for our children to replace us as role models. Please join us in making sure our sportsmanship and positive attitudes are what our students remember about us as they one day become the moms and dads of this amazing community. Our HEARTS are important and deserve to be respected!

Yours in Sport,
Andrew D. Johnson


It's never too early to start planning to be a collegiate athlete.  Please go to the NCAA Eligibility Center for more information or check out this video from  EHS Student Services

Success After High School
Several Effingham High School athletes, upon their graduation from EHS have had the opportunity to continue their careers in college. The following is a link to a list of EHS Athletes who have participated in their respective sport in college. This list is from 1991 to present day. The list includes the EHS athletes' name, graduation year, sport, and the college they attended.
EHS College Athletes